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CSR Activities

We believe that the PCS Foundation is more than just another charitable foundation offering funding to local communities. We take the opportunity to work with our customers and staff assisting the needy, ranging from helping underprivileged children in rural areas by offering educational scholarships, to rebuilding of school canteens, and donations of stationery and educational items.

Since the foundation began in 2005, we have raised funds in excess of five million Thai baht. We are supported by and partnered with many associations including:

- TBCA (Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS)

- Support the Children Foundation

- United Nation World Food Programme

- World Concern

- Thai Red Cross Society

- Independent Living Centre

- Child Exploitation &Online Protection Centre

Our past activities include:

- Annual cash donations to the Support the Children Foundation in Chiang Mai (children affected by HIV/AIDS)

- Monetary donation to support the construction of new hospital building at Bor Kleua hospital in Nan province

- Monetary donation to Thai Red Cross Society for supporting the victims of Nargis cyclone in Myanmar

- Blankets and warm clothes donation to the needy in Chiang Mai

- Charity Market for Children

- PCS’s big give day

- Donation to Jesters Care for Kids Charity

- Donation for emergency response to Haiti’s earthquake victims

- Mangrove Reforestation activities in Samut-Songkarn province